Kittens Who Binge Watched Too Much Orange Is the New Black Break Into Maximum Security Prison

The purr-fect crime.

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A few months ago, a litter of  kittens broke into a maximum security prison. Now, they’re living happily amongst the inmates and staff.

The feral felines managed to sneak into the basement of Great Meadow Correctional Facility in upstate New York, the Post-Star of Glens Falls reports. When employees first discovered them, they needed to bathe the kittens to remove hundreds of fleas. They also had to deworm them and feed them milk through baby bottles.

Now, the kittens are much less disgusting than they were then and are living happily in the building maintenance area in a “kitty condo” fashioned by an inmate. Employees chip in for food and a nearby veterinary clinic has offered discounted medical service. The kittens’ main caretaker is electrician Bruce Porter, who comes to work an hour early each day to tend to them. On the weekends, inmates help care for the critters, who’ve all been given names related to the prison and the surrounding area: Doc (for the Dept. of Correctional Services), Comstock (for the location of the prison), Annie (for nearby town Fort Ann) and Meadow (for Great Meadow).

Chances are that these kittens won’t live in the prison forever, though. Porter is working to convince his co-workers to adopt them and take them home. Who knows, though? Maybe the kittens love the prison so much that they’d manage to stage another break-in. The purr-fect crime.