Man Braves Subzero Temperatures to Build This Amazing Multicolored Ice Fort

And you just sat inside and watched Netflix, didn't you?

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Unspeakablefilth / Reddit

Construction of this amazing wall took 5 to 6 nights in temperatures ranging from -28 to -35C.

While it’s certainly been a cold winter stateside, our neighbors to the north know what a real chill actually looks like. Reddit user Unspeakablefilth lives in Northwestern Ontario, where the averaged a daytime high was -25 degrees celsius or colder for about a month.

Instead of huddling indoors like the rest of us would, this brave Canadian decided to do something productive. He began freezing large, colored ice blocks in a shoe box — 30 per day — and used a 7-foot toboggan to transport the blocks to the build site, where he proceeded to construct a gigantic colored ice fort. How has Unspeakablefilth’s spouse responded project? According to a Reddit comment, his wife is “just happy this is over.”

Check out the gallery below to see the final results.