It’s Happening: Goodyear And Ice Cube Team Up To Fly “Good Day” Blimp In LA

It's gonna be a Good Day in LA today

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Back in 1993, Ice Cube rapped in “It Was A Good Day”: “Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp / And it read “Ice Cube’s a Pimp.” While the rapper has said that the events he wrote about in the iconic song were fiction, in 2014, it could become a reality.

As TIME previously reported,the Good Day Blimp project was trying to convince the Goodyear corporation to fly their blimp over South Central Los Angeles on January 20, 2014, the day stand-up-comedian Donovan Strain determined was the actual day in Ice Cube’s song. The project is both an homage to the song as well as a fundraising drive for a nonprofit organization called A Place Called Home, which works to provide a safe, positive, family environment for at-risk youth. The Good Day Blimp project sought to raise money for the charity — their goal is $25,000 — on the condition that Goodyear flies the blimp.

As word of the project spread, Ice Cube got on board with the operation. During his appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Jan. 15, to promote his film Ride Along, he asked people to donate to the Good Day Blimp website. Adding that, “Whatever we get tonight, I’ll bring it over the top.” He also called out Goodyear to make the blimp ride a reality, saying, “Do this before we call you ‘Bad Year.'”

Now it looks like the Goodyear folks are on board, too. On the project’s website, they posted a letter sent by Goodyear to Ice Cube agreeing to “recognize the ‘good day'” on their blimp and requested the rapper to “ride along” with the kids from the charity when the blimp goes up today.

While it’s not clear whether Goodyear will actually use the words “Ice Cube’s A Pimp” on their “iconic airship,” as Ice Cube’s song said, it’s definitely going to be a good day for the children of South Central Los Angeles and A Place Called Home.

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