9 Great Pop Culture Moments That Wouldn’t Have Happened Without Cold Weather

The ongoing winter storm may be a bummer, but remember: some of the best moments from TV, music and movies wouldn't exist without a wintry mix.

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The polar vortex is back, which means people across the Midwest and Northeast are once again experiencing┬áplunging temperatures — and lots of snow. This is, obviously, highly inconvenient, and is probably making everyone wish that cold weather and snowstorms just didn’t exist at all. So, in the name of optimism, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite pop culture moments that we never could have experienced without the context of wintry conditions.

1. Jeff Daniels getting his tongue stuck to a pole in Dumb and Dumber.

2. Dwight hiding inside a snowman to prank Jim on The Office.

3. The entire movie Ice Age.

(Also the entire movie Frozen and March of the Penguins and Fargo.)

4. Edward Scissorhands carving a giant ice angel, which then creates snow, beneath which Winona Ryder dances.

5. Kanye West making it snow inside stadiums on the Yeezus tour.


6. Kevin McAllister sliding on his knees across a crowded skating rink and yelling “whoa!” in Home Alone.


7. The epic ice-climbing scene from Game of Thrones.

8. Young Kane using his sled (named “Rosebud”) as a weapon in Citizen Kane.


9. The song “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner.