New Arrests in ‘GoodFellas’ Heist and Other Fascinating News on the Web

January 23, 2014

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  1. The Scene of the Crime

    Whenever we needed money, we’d rob the airport. To us, it was better than Citibank. So said Ray Liotta as Henry Hill in GoodFellas. Now, more than twenty-five years after the Lufthansa heist that was fictionalized in Martin Scorsese’s movie, the FBI has arrested five mobsters in connection with that crime and a list of other jobs that “reads like a greatest hits collection of the Mafia: armored truck heists, murder, attempted murder, extortion and bookmaking.”

  2. Snake Oil

    There’s something a little fishy about that fish oil you’ve been taking. A recent study found that many of the top selling fish oil supplements don’t have nearly the levels omega-3 fatty acids that the labels suggest. The NYT’s Anahad O’connor wonders, what’s in your fish oil supplements?

    + From Wired: Monsanto is going organic in a quest for the perfect veggie. As you’d imagine, the comments section is pretty active on this one.

    + When will gluten free go completely mainstream? Probably right about now. Introducing the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread, the newest Girl Scout Cookie.

    + Consumerist: 17 supermarket tricks, tips and insider secrets you’re probably clueless about.

  3. The Villa

    “The CIA needed a place to stash its first ‘high-value’ detainee, a man who was thought to be closely tied to the al-Qaeda leadership and might know of follow-on plots.” The Washington Post reports on the hidden history of a Polish villa that was turned into one of the CIA’s secret prisons.

  4. When the Robots Come

    We know the machines are coming. And we know they’re going to take our jobs. According to one economist, nearly half of American jobs will be automated over the next couple of decades. The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson takes a stab at predicting which half it will be.

    + In the interim years, before you’re obsoleted, you might find yourself applying for a job by playing a video game. “Soon enough, perhaps, some firm might convincingly prove that a single, simple algorithm can replace the good old-fashioned grill session.”

  5. Stripes Are So Last Season

    Millions of shoppers have fallen victim to recent big time credit card thefts like the one that hit Target. And we know the weak link that allows hackers to access the data. Is it time to finally retire the magnetic stripe?

  6. Banning the Ban

    Virginia’s newly elected Attorney General Mark R. Herring has announced plans to fight his state’s gay marriage ban. “After thorough legal review, I have now concluded that Virginia’s ban on marriage between same sex couples violates the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution on two grounds: marriage is a fundamental right being denied to some Virginians, and the ban unlawfully discriminates on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender.”

  7. Luca Brasi Thinks He Sleeps with the Fishes

    According to at least one study, just thinking you got more sleep can make you feel more rested and alert. Yes, you can get placebo sleep. If I wasn’t so tired, I’d wonder whether this is placebo research?

    + Here are nineteen reasons you should take a nap right after you finish reading today’s edition.

  8. Back at the Cove

    If you’ve seen the excellent documentary called The Cove, then you know about an annual dolphin hunt that takes place in Japan each year. The movie created awareness. But the hunt goes on.

  9. Catch the Wave

    “We’re looking at light offshore winds now, along with the big swell we know is coming. This is the best we could hope for.” In other words, the much-anticipated Mavericks big wave surfing competition in on for Friday.

  10. The Bottom of the News

    OK, before we get into this, let me say that I probably did worse things than Justin Bieber when I was nineteen (and I sold a total of zero albums). According to, well, everyone in the media and on social media, Bieber was arrested for a DUI and resisting arrest after drag racing his yellow Lamborghini, leading to what will undoubtedly be one of the world’s most famous mugshots. (At least he wasn’t snorting Smarties.)

    + Pope Francis just called the Internet a “gift from God.” (Clearly, he’s a NextDraft subscriber.)

    + Yes, you can bet on how many times Peyton Manning will yell “Omaha” during the Super Bowl. (Take the over…)

    + The Raider’s cheerleaders are suing their own team. And, surprisingly, it’s not because the team gives them nothing to cheer about.