This Plastic Surgery Clinic Made a Tower of Shaved Chin Bones

Plastic surgery just got even more disgusting

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Some Japanese restaurants put out tiny models of the food you’re going to eat to ensure diners that what you see is what you get. One Seoul plastic surgery clinic took that strategy to its ultimate, stomach-turning height by building a tower filled with the shaved chin bones of their clients.

Like bizarre, tiny boomerangs, slivers of bone fill a large plastic container in an otherwise tasteful office. It could be mistaken for some kind of conceptual art piece, until the true origins of the tan fragments are known. The tower was filled with 2,000 bone fragments and each one was tagged with the name of its original owner. Cue goosebumps.

The surgery clinic, located in Seoul’s upscale Gangnam neighborhood, posted a photo of the gruesome sculpture on its website, but quickly removed it after viewers expressed their horror. Government officials ordered the tower to be removed and are now investigating the business, which faces a fine for improper disposal of body parts (the bones should have been incinerated).

The chin-shaving surgery is a popular procedure in South Korea, where around one in five women get cosmetic surgery. If anyone needs chin implants, now they know where to go.