Watch MSNBC Interrupt a Congresswoman to Break News About Justin Bieber’s Arrest

Can you belieb MSNBC's priorities?

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If a news channel interrupts a member of Congress mid-sentence, one might assume that the breaking news would be of considerable urgency.

Not with Justin Bieber in trouble. MSNBC interrupted former Rep. Jane Harman, Democrat of California, as she earnestly applied her expertise to discuss the NSA so they could tell the world that the baby-faced swag demon had been arrested in Miami, Fla. It seems a cause célèbreakdown trumps analysis of our right to privacy.

“Congresswoman, let me interrupt you just for a moment, we have some breaking news out of Miami,” anchor Andrea Mitchell said without a hint of irony, casually chipping away at the dignity of news reporting with a pick axe moulded from the sharp, shattered discards of our national soul.