Hail to the Selfies in Chief: High School Kid Reenacts Portraits of Every U.S. President

We're guessing he'll get an A in history.

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Chaz Rorick doesn’t look like Barack Obama, Abe Lincoln or any other U.S. president. But that didn’t stop the high school junior from Rochester, New York from posing as all 44 of our nation’s highest leaders in a series of hilarious Presidential selfies that he posted to Instagram over the past two months.

Inspired by a documentary he watched one night last fall, the student at Rush-Henrietta High School struck his first presidential pose after he noticed that he was dressed sort of like Harry Truman in the film. He went on to snap a comparison selfie a day, much to the amusement of his  family, friends and high school history teachers across the country. “History teachers are crazy about it,” he told WROC News 8.

What Rorick lacks in an actual physical resemblance to the most powerful men of their respective eras, he more than makes up for with his over-the-top expressions and cartoonish props – from the sleezy look in his Nixon selfie to the paper mustaches and beards he made to mimic our more hirsute Commanders-in-Chief. His favorite self-portrait? Martin Van Buren, who he described like this to WROC:  “He’s an old Dutch guy from New York, and his hair is just atrocious. It’s white and fluffy and just so hard to achieve.”  No wonder history teachers love this kid.

Here’s the Van Buren pic and a few more of our favorites:

Martin Van Buren

Richard Nixon

George W. Bush

Lyndon Johnson

Zachary Taylor