Seahawks Will Win the Super Bowl… According to a Psychic Utah Ape

A Florida manatee predicted last week the Denver Broncos would take the title

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Hogle Zoo / AP

Last week, a Florida manatee predicted the Denver Broncos will win Super Bowl XLVIII. This week, a prognosticating Utah primate has called the game for the Seattle Seahawks.

Eli, who lives at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, makes these forecasts by running into a papier mâché helmet emblazoned with the insignia of one of the two teams.

Erica Hansen, one of the zoo employees, told Yahoo that this year Eli made his pick “without any hesitation.” It’s not clear how Eli’s powers as a sports oracle were first brought to the attention of the zoo, but the primate has been making the right calls since 2007.

Following his selection, Eli and his family smashed up and ate the papier mâché helmets of both teams.

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