There’s a Right and Wrong Way to Eat a Hamburger, Scientists Say

And you've probably been doing it wrong.

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McDonalds' Big Mac hamburger.

How to hold a hamburger may seem like second nature to most, but researchers in Japan reportedly spent four months figuring out a better way.

According to Kotaku, the TV show Honma Dekka!? recently hired three experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry, who produced a 3D scan of a hamburger and analyzed it on a particle level.

While most people pick up their burgers with their thumbs on the bottom and their other fingers on top, the trio reportedly argued that burger eaters should have their thumbs and pinkies supporting the bottom bun and their middle fingers spread evenly on top to minimize spillage and maximize the amount of beef patty and bun making it into the mouth.

Kotaku created a GIF of the ideal hold presented on the show, and sure enough, nary a drop of ketchup fell onto the plate.

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