The Most Surprising Super Bowl Ad Is One Most People Never Saw

Georgia residents are buzzing about a lawyer's intense ad.

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During the halftime of the Super Bowl, Georgia residents reportedly saw a commercial for an attorney that looks like a cross between a documentary trailer and a metal music video.

“At some point a man must ask why God created him,” Savannah attorney Jamie Casino booms in the two-minute spot, in which he says he became a personal injury lawyer after his brother Michael was shot on Labor Day in 2012. With hard rock music in the background, the ad features him gazing at pictures of his brother, sitting in churches, and manipulating a flaming sledgehammer that has an image of a cross.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Law Blog joked that Saul Goodman, the lawyer who represents drug dealers in Breaking Bad, would be proud of the Georgia attorney’s spot. It also quotes Casino as saying, “I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, but obviously, not everyone is going to like” the commercial.

The sledgehammer seems to be a theme in the lawyer’s ads. In a video uploaded to YouTube in September, he dressed like a cowboy and demolished a piggy bank filled with gold coins to show how he “smashes money out of stingy insurance companies.”

We’re going to go back to watching the “Puppy Love” ad now.