Burglars Foiled By Singing Big Mouth Billy Bass

Fish told thief to “Take Me To the River!”

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Who needs a guard dog when you can have a guard fish?

An attempted burglary at the Hooked on Fishing bait shop in Rochester, Minnesota, was stopped when the intruder was apparently startled by a motion activated Big Mouth Billy Bass, the novelty singing fish, the Star Tribune reports (You know the one).

Police said the toy bass was hung near the door and would sound off with the song “Take Me to the River” whenever someone came into the shop. Police said nothing had been stolen, but cash had been left in “a very visible spot.”

Big Mouth Billy Bass “took one for the team,” a police officer said. “There were plenty of things to take but nothing was missing … other than Billy’s pride.”

We’re proud of you, Billy!

Billy sounds a little something like this….



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