Olympic Snowboarder Puts His Number on His Helmet and Gets Flooded With Sexts


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In addition to navigating the slopestyle course, an Olympic snowboarder has found himself navigating a blizzard of texts from potential romantic interests.

Alexey Sobolev of Russia wore a helmet with his cell phone number on it while competing in slopestyle qualifying in Sochi on Thursday, the Associated Press reports. In fact, an avalanche of texts — more than 2,000, including some nude pictures — reportedly crashed the 22-year-old’s iPhone, according to Yahoo Sports.

“Most of the messages are good luck messages and messages from the girls,” Sobolev said, according to the AP. “Some of the messages are not appropriate to read aloud.”

The messages from Russian girls are his favorite ones, Yahoo Sports reports. And while some may think being at the Winter Games is the most thrilling experience ever, USA Today reporter Lindsay H. Jones quotes Sobolev as saying he put his cell number on his helmet because it is “really boring in the Olympic Village, you know?”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) did make Sobolev put black duct tape over the digits during the finals on Saturday. And while he did not win a medal in that event, he certainly deserves one for most flirtatious texts.