Watch a First-Person Video of The Formidable Downhill Ski Course at Sochi

A former Olympian takes on a downhill run that "could kill you"

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Well, this settles it: Olympic downhill skiers are champions of courage and valor and overall awesomeness. BBC presenter and former Olympic skier Graham Bell headed to Sochi, grabbed a handheld camera and then took on the formidable downhill course.

American skier Bode Miller recently told the BBC that the course — known as the Rosa Khutor Sochi 2014 downhill piste — “could kill you.” It’s very treacherous, he added, and “has teeth everywhere.”

Indeed, just looking at the course was intimidating, Bell said. After skiing — or, really, flying — down it, Bell said it was one of the toughest he had ever tackled. We believe him, since just watching this video is exhilarating (and a bit terrifying.)