Money Woes Are Killing Our Sex Drive

On the eve of Valentine's Day, a new study explains why you may not have that loving feeling

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Looking forward to the sexiest holiday of the year? Well, keep your pants on. Your romantic interest might not have lovemaking on the mind. In fact, odds are that he or she doesn’t, if the results of a recent poll are to be believed.

The survey, commissioned by the financial-data platform Yodlee, finds that 62% of American adults think more about money than they do about sex. And it gets worse: more than a quarter (27%) of adults in romantic relationships said that money concerns affect how often they want to get busy with their partners.

Men think more about sex than women do, the poll found. But men are just as likely to have their sex drives affected by money woes as women are: 27% of men in relationships reported that money affected their libidos compared with 28% of women.

The picture looks bleak no matter what part of the country you live in, but those of you who actually want to have sex might consider moving to the West Coast, as your odds of finding like-minded individuals are slightly higher.