How the World Tweets I Love You

Israel does it the most

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Courtesy of Twitter

It’s Valentine’s Day and Twitter users around the world are confessing their love online, but perhaps nowhere more so than in Israel, the country that says those three magic words—I Love You—on Twitter more than any other.

According to data released Friday by Twitter, 481 million tweets in 116 difference languages included the phrase “I love you” in 2013.

Among the top five countries that most often sent their love in tweet form, Israel is the only one in the top five not in Europe. It might be cold up there in northern Europe but Scandanavian hearts are warm—Sweden and Norway were the second and third most I-Love-You saying countries in Twitter’s data, followed by Spain and Hungary.

The United States isn’t so loving—it ranks a lowly 26th on the list.

And while this auspicious day for lovers might seem a particularly appropriate time for declarations of affection, it turns out we tell one another “I love you” on Twitter even more often in August, the most popular month for tweeting the phrase in English. Speakers of French like saying “I love you”—or Je T’aime, as the case may be—in October, while Spanish Tweeters say the words “Te Amo” most often in November.