Even Russian Police Love Taking Selfies

A tour through the Instagram accounts of Russia's police

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alexei_truhin43rus / Instagram

Sleepy Russian police

As the Sochi Olympics progresses, we’re getting a closer view into bureaucratic Russia than we normally do—complete with salt shortages, incomplete hotels, and self-locking bathrooms. But what about the guards running this show behind the scenes? For a glimpse into the true Russian police state, check out the country’s police Instagram.

Collected on The Village, the Instagram accounts of Russia’s police are filled with dogs dressed up as policemen, a gingerbread man dressed up as a policeman, and a snowman dressed up as a policeman. There’s a circle of police chugging beers tagged #sochiproblems. One guy shows off his gun holster. But the real gold here is the wealth of cop selfies.

Here’s Tanusha the policewoman taking a test:


Kroha787 looks happy in her cozy police hat:


Meanwhile Alexei’s compatriots pass out on a cot:

Poluyash and her policewomen coworkers are caught in the snow:


Mlewinn visits masterpieces in an art museum:

There’s a whole softer side to the police than arresting protesters.