New ‘Entrepreneur Barbie’ Proves That the Perfect Work/Life Balance Is Just a Tiny Tablet Away

An entrepreneur of what, exactly?

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Mattel’s newest Barbie is an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur of what, exactly? Who knows, but check out her cute little iPad!

After pursuing over 150 careers, Mattel announced at Toy Fair this week that Barbie would be starting her own company. The mystery-startup-running go-getter is dressed in a neon-pink dress with black heels and a black belt, and comes with her own smartphone and tablet.

Much like many real life entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Barbie seems to have little idea of what her company actually does. Given the current climate for women at startups, perhaps next Mattel can craft “Silently Enduring Sexual Harassment With the Hope I Will Get a Raise” Barbie; “Making Less Than My Male Counterparts” Barbie; “Getting Turned Down by Investors Because I’m Pregnant” Barbie; or “I’m Going to Die Eating This Sad Salad at My Desk Alone” Barbie.

At least Mattel is attempting to empower women to get into business, we suppose–even if it’s not clear exactly what that business is.

“We always try to make career Barbie a reflection of the times,” Mattel spokeswoman Michelle Chidoni told CNNMoney. “Women entrepreneurs are more prevalent now and they’re growing in number. [It’s] a great way to encourage girls to also learn about this role.”

We eagerly await the inevitable tiny copy of Lean In you can purchase to stick under Entrepreneur Barbie’s arm.