Traveling Pants: Men’s Store Flies Messenger to Costa Rica to Deliver Groom’s Forgotten Pants

Now that's customer service

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A men’s store personally delivered pants to a groom who was getting married in Costa Rica after he left them in a dressing room.

The Star-Tribune reports that the clothier, Judd Frost — not the groom, Jason Anderson, 32,— was the one who noticed that the $500, tan gaberdine suit pants had been forgotten. The owner of Judd Frost Clothiers in Wayzata, Minn., reportedly reached out to him via Facebook Sunday afternoon and then flew his daughter, Jessie Frost, to the Costa Rica beach resort to deliver the garment in time for the 4:00 p.m. wedding Monday.

“I feel like I am carrying treasure through the jungle,” Jessie Frost told the Star-Tribune. 

The bride, Heather Spaeth, 32, was reportedly “speechless.” While the groom got his pants in time for the dream wedding, who will ultimately wear the pants in this new stage of their relationship remains to be seen.