Man Claims to Paint More Than 1000 Pictures Using His Tongue

How many licks does it take to paint a masterpiece?

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Some artists grow attached to the tools they use, favoring a special paintbrush or a specific type of clay. For 35-year-old artist who goes by Ani K, this attachment is literal: the Kerala, India-based schoolteacher uses his tongue as a paintbrush. He claims he has painted over 1,000 pictures using his tongue.

Included in Ani K’s roster of art: an eight-foot version of the Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, created entirely using the swirling and persistent strokes of his tongue.

But it’s not easy. He reports “pain in jaws, headaches, slight loss of vision, and dip in memory power,” according to an interview with Barcroft Media, seen in the video above. He claims to use non-toxic watercolors, but here’s hoping he switches to plant-based paints.

Ani K isn’t the only artist to use an unconventional body part: a woman named Marcey Hawk has sold paintings she made with her breasts to collectors like Hugh Hefner and Russell Brand. And an Australian painter who goes by the name ‘Pricasso’ uses his penis to create art.