5 Artistic Masterpieces Recreated as Food

Art is like food for the soul. Edible art is like food for the stomach. And Instagram.

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Have you ever gone to a museum and thought, “I would like to eat that Mondrian?” Since we’re guessing that canvas mixed with oil paint tastes pretty disgusting — and is potentially lethal — probably not. But if the masterpiece was made out of spongecake? Cut me off a slice of that neoplasticism.

Britain’s Art Fund, which supports museums and galleries throughout the UK, decided to launch and Edible Masterpieces project as a part of a fundraising initiative. The fund gave various examples, along with helpful recipes, of how to recreate famous artwork as food. Like turning the bandage over Van Gogh’s ear into brie, or the teeth in a Damien Hirst skull into half almonds. They can then raise money in bake sales and whatnot to send to the Art Fund by May 9.

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