Full House Of Cards: The Mashup You Never Knew You Wanted

Full House + House of Cards = A strangely sinister opening scene

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Some bored genius took the theme song from House of Cards and laid it over the opening credits for Full House to create a mashup called Full House of Cards. Why? Well, why not. It’s what the Internet is for.

The theme song to Netflix’s taut political thriller adds some overtones of dark political subterfuge and relentless ambition to the opening credits of the seemingly beloved ’80s sitcom. From the first note of the song, in a Pavlovian reflex fueled by hours of watching Francis Underwood in action, fans of House of Cards can’t help but start questioning the motives of each of the members of the seemingly friendly Tanner family. What’s Danny’s end game? Does Michelle wield too much power? Is DJ planning a takeover? Is Uncle Jesse reporting Stephanie’s every move? We have no answers to these questions, but what we do know: Step away from the BART tracks, Uncle Joey.

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