Pop-Tart Party and the Prince of Tarts

Pop-Tart collector Dennis Hasty explains the history of the foiled pastry in honor of Pop-Tart's 50th anniversary.

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This year marks the 50th anniversary for Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, and the sugary toaster pastries are ready for the big party.

After releasing new peanut butter filled pop-tarts last year, Kellogg brought back a retired classic, chocolate vanilla creme, to celebrate the golden anniversary.

No one is more excited than Pop-Tart aficionado and collector Dennis Hasty, who has been collecting Pop-Tart memorabilia at his Cincinnati, Ohio home since he was 19. Discontinued flavors, Batman comic tie-ins, anything with Milton the Toaster — if it was on or in a box of Pop-Tarts, Hasty probably has it. Given his 50-year love affair with the silver-foiled snacks, Hasty knows more about pop-tarts than most, and is ready to share his insights to help celebrate the big birthday.