Woman Gives Birth on Manhattan Sidewalk, Names Baby After Good Samaritan Who Gave Her a Coat

Understandably, the family misplaced her number during the drama

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A woman who gave birth on a Manhattan sidewalk has given the newborn Ila the middle name Isabelle, which was the name of the Good Samaritan who gave her the coat off of her back during the ordeal, the New York Daily News reports.

With the help of her apartment building’s doorman, Polly McCourt delivered the baby Monday afternoon outside of an HSBC bank, and Isabelle’s coat helped keep Polly and her daughter warm until an ambulance arrived about 10 minutes later. Now McCourt wants to meet Isabelle, who gave her husband Cian her number but it got misplaced amidst all of the commotion.

Listen to Polly McCourt’s account of the dramatic scene below:

(h/t People.com)