Dogs Hijack Their Owner’s Pickup Truck, Go On a Joyride, and Then Crash Into a River

Their names are Roscoe and Luna and we assume they're in big trouble

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Well, here’s more proof that dogs are really horrible drivers. When their owner left them unattended inside his pickup truck, a pair of pups in Oklahoma managed to put the vehicle into gear and go for a rather dramatic joyride, Fox 23 reports.

The dogs, named Roscoe and Luna, were inside the parked vehicle atop a hill in Tulsa Tuesday when all of a sudden, they began cruising down a major road, causing traffic issues and general confusion. The vehicle narrowly missed a few joggers before it eventually crashed into the bank of the Arkansas River.

When the dogs’ owner — identified only as Scott — returned to where he’d parked his truck after about 15 minutes, he initially thought it had been towed. Then he realized his crafty canines — a border collie and a Labrador — had simply gone for a joyride. Neither of the dogs nor any bystanders were injured, though naturally the truck suffered some damage.

Roscoe and Luna were not arrested for essentially hijacking the car and putting everyone around them in danger, because they are dogs.