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I'm a Web nerd and a reporter for TIME.com and TIME Magazine. You can reach me at dan_fletcher@timemagazine.com or on Twitter @danielroger.

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Quotes: 9-Year-Old Surviving Libya Plane Crash

“It’s something from God, that he wanted him to live longer,”

– SADIG BANDELA, orthopedic specialist, on 9-year-old Ruben Van Assouw, the sole survivor of Wednesday’s Afriqiyah Airways crash in Libya. Van Assouw’s mother, father …

Top 10 Quirky Local Festivals

In honor of Mike the Headless Chicken (the chicken that somehow managed to live for an unbelievable 18 months without a head) Fruita, Colorado is hosting its annual festival May 14-15. In celebration of perhaps the strangest …

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