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Quote: Ireland Goes for the Bailout

“I will be recommending to the government that we should apply for a program and open formal negotiations.”

–BRIAN LENIHAN, Ireland’s Finance Minister announced Sunday the Ireland would be applying for an international …

Quote: New Zealand Miners’ Rescue Delayed

“If I had my way I’d be down there, I’d go into the mine myself.”

–LAURIE DREW whose 21-year-old son is one of the 29 miners trapped in a New Zealand mine following an explosion on Friday. Rescue workers have said that …

The 33 Rescued Chilean Miners: Who Are They?

The world watched as the 33 miners were raised safely to the surface in Copiapo, Chile.  After sharing an underground home in the San José gold and copper mine for the past 69 days, NewsFeed takes a closer look at who these men are.

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