Sugababes Fight Former Member Over Name Rights

British band Sugababes have had more line up changes than Tiger Woods has had … golf clubs. And things came to a head over ownership of the name late last year when a former member applied for the trademark. Now the remaining …

Poll: Men Lie More Than Women (No, Really)

Just where to begin with this? A new poll released in the U.K. by the Science Museum reveals that the average British male tells three lies a day (your British correspondant’s non-fibbing math works out that’s the equivalent of …

Quotes: Ash Shuts Down British Airspace Anew

“The amount of ash is fluctuating on an hourly basis. The situation is very fluid,”

–SPOKESMAN of Britain’s Met Office, explaining a controversial decision to delay or cancel some flights over Britain on Tuesday due to …

Quotes: David Miliband Wants to be Labour Leader

“The Blair/Brown era is over.”

–David Miliband, former British Foreign Secretary, announces his candidacy for leadership of the party Monday with a rallying call declaring that the New Labour days of Tony Blair and Gordon …

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