MTV Helps Tom Cruise Keep His Star Shining

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Through dance!

Poor Tom Cruise. America did not want to see him plot to assassinate Hitler, or debate the ethics of the war in Afghanistan. They did, however, love a cameo he made in a movie that came out two years ago.

So with a new movie to promote, Tom was forced to speak to the youth of today the only way they would understand him: in the Tropic Thunder fat suit. As Tom — reprising his Les Grossman character — bumped and grinded his way through a segment at last night’s MTV Movie Awards, NewsFeed felt a strange mixture of emotions. Incredulity (“Who asked for this?”) turned to snark (“Tom, Ludacris and Jennifer Lopez: Three has-beens in one!”) turned to sadness (“This is the man TIME once called ‘the movies’ biggest star, with nothing but promise on the horizon,'”) turned finally to admiration (“He can still move.”) Say what you will about Cruise’s personality, religion and career choices, but that was not a bit that most younger stars could have pulled off.

Cruise’s latest, Knight and Day, comes out on June 25th. He will not appear in a fat suit.