Pirates 4 Script Lost in London — But Returned

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Joining the ranks of the Confederate battle plans for Antietam, the original recordings of The Clash’s London Calling and other famous left-behind items, the script for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film was accidentally abandoned by a Disney executive in a London cafe earlier this week.

In a bit of good luck, though, the script was picked up by an anonymous film fan who decided to give it back unread. Curiously, the Good Samaritan chose to it to deliver it to the trashiest publication in the land, tabloid newspaper The Sun. Perhaps too distracted by publishing pictures of topless women to read the document, Sun editors in turn handed it back to Disney.

“It’s good to see Sun readers are honorable citizens,” said a Disney spokesperson, though it was unclear if the company was being ironic. (via The Toronto Sun, which models itself after the British paper but is not owned by the same company)