Vuvuzela Revenge! BP Gets Buzzed

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Two weeks ago, Brooklyn-based video producer Adam Quirk began a fund raising campaign meant to bring about one day’s steady annoyance to BP’s top execs. Yesterday, ear-splitting justice was served as a group of volunteers played vuvulezas outside of the corporate office. Watch the video after the jump.

Initially, Quirk sought to raise only $2,000 to purchase and ship the horns to London, where BP’s headquarters are located. Having surpassed this goal in just a few days, Quirk wound up with $6,000 in donations, the extra of which he promised to donated to Gulf Coast relief efforts. Via the project’s fund raising page, Quirk made plans to enlist volunteers through Craigslist for a day-long special concert in London, which finally took place Tuesday at noon outside of the BP offices.