Colt McCoy Gets a Catchy Country Song for His Wedding

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John Albright/Icon SMI/Corbis

Colt McCoy’s friends wrote a funny song for him, and still all anybody wants to talk about is Tim Tebow.

The former University of Texas football star (now the third-string rookie quarterback for the Cleveland Browns) got married over the weekend to¬†sweetheart Rachel Glandorf, and to celebrate the occasion his friends wrote a catchy country ditty about his manliness (as all friends should do, really.) The song, from McCoy’s old teammate Jordan Shipley, is actually pretty cute: “When I grow up I want to be just like Colt McCoy / A real straight-shootin’ gun-slingin’ inspiration / To any small-town country boy.”

But then us media folk had to come along and ruin it. The song contained a line about Tim Tebow (the football equivalent to Sarah Palin, at least in terms of SEO-bait) and now that’s what has gotten all the headlines: ‘Colt McCoy Gets Married, Still Can’t Get Away From Tim Tebow,’ ‘Colt McCoy Wedding: QB Can’t Even Avoid Tim Tebow Talk at His Nuptuals,’ and — from a very classy TMZ — ‘Tim Tebow Penetrates Colt McCoy’s Wedding Song.’ Come on, guys: Let McCoy have this, his one moment, before he becomes the next bad Browns quarterback.

(Click on the picture below to see the video)