Sesame Street’s Elmo Teaches Lesson in Thrashing Troublemakers

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REUTERS/Stephen Hird

Don’t mess with Elmo, kids.

Tough guy mess with Elmo.

Elmo take no stuff from tough guy.

Elmo get mad and kick ass.

Elmo now baddest puppet on planet!

That’s the easiest way to describe an incident in Winter Park, Fla., when a man attacked Jeramie Trespalacios, dressed up as the much-loved Sesame Street character Elmo in a strip mall Guitar Center. Trespalacios had been hired to play Elmo a few doors down at a children’s party.

But when he dipped into the guitar retailer, a man had been assaulting customers and then decided to start punching the helmet to Trespalacios’ costume. That’s when Elmo handled his business. The helmet and gloves came off, the unidentified man charged at Trespalacios and wound up tossed into a display case.

Trespalacios himself was not injured, but his attacker suffered broken fingers and was taken to the hospital for treatment and for mental evaluation. “It looks good for the kids, though. Elmo is kicking butt, keeping society good,” he said