Just in Time For Halloween: Ravenous Bears Dig Up Corpses In Russian Graveyards

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DANI POZO/AFP/Getty Images

Natural food shortages for Russian grizzlies have put human remains on the menu.

The bears have become so desperate for meals, The Guardian reports, that they’ve begun digging up human corpses inside area cemeteries – a disturbing picture to paint. Traditionally, the region’s bear population munches on natural-growing wildlife or small animals, but because of an unusually hot summer, that food supply has vanished. Locals have reported the bears in towns and villages scavenging for scraps in trash cans or gardens, but the problem took a turn for danger when a man was mauled in Komi. But even that seems less frightening in comparison.

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Russian newspapers reported on the discovery of the grave robbing bears after two women stumbled across a grizzly scene on Saturday of a bear who had dug its way down to a corpse in order to feed.  “They are really hungry this year. It’s a big problem. Many of them are not going to survive,” said Simion Razmislov, the vice-president of Komi’s hunting and fishing society, told The Guardian.

No word yet on Russia’s plans to stop the bears’ raids on local cemeteries, but  Masha Vorontsova, Russia’s Director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, told The Guardian that the animals were using graves as giant refrigerators. “The story is horrible. Nobody wants to think about having a much loved member of their family eaten by a bear.”

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No kidding.