Michael Caine Explains Inception In One Sentence

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Michael Caine in a publicity shot from 'The Swarm.'

Warner Bros./Getty Images

Yes, it is apparently possible!

When NewsFeed interviewed Michael Caine the other day, we could not resist the urge to get a little cheeky with him. And so, with our time running short, we asked the iconic film star to explain his most recent film — the ultra-complicated blockbuster Inception — in one sentence. He handled our request adroitly:

Can you explain Inception in one sentence?
If I’m in a scene, it’s real; if I’m not, it’s not.

Interesting! So, for all of you keeping score, Sir Michael Caine is firmly in the “No, it was not all a dream at the end, you idiots” camp. We tend to agree. Do you, readers?

Head over to TIME.com to read our full interview with Caine. It’s fun, we promise: we even got him to talk about Jaws: The Revenge!