Not-So-Smooth Criminal: Thief Steals Safe, Leaves Cash

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Steel safe. Getty Images.

Here’s your Monday dose of stupid criminality. 

Police officers in Fairbanks, Alaska said that a thief managed to steal a small safe from a residential home.

Which might seem like a win, as far as thievery goes. But police also noted that the safe was found in the backyard of the home with only a small fraction of the cash removed–about $20, 000 of the total $100, 000 that was inside. The Associated Press reports that police already have a suspect in mind.

It’s great for the owners of the safe that they didn’t lose all of their cash (and who knows, they might even get the missing $20, 000 back if the suspect turns out to be the culprit) but what’s even better is that we can all be entertained by the latest chapter of stupidity by a criminal.

Note to thieves, robbers and bandits – keep up the good work! (via the Associated Press)