10 Things We Expect from Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

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Consider it an unscripted version of Will and Grace.

This evening at 10 pm, the Sundance Channel will debut Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys (GWLBWLB), the cleverly-named reality series that chronicles the relationship between straight women and their gay besties.

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We haven’t seen the show, but we’re fairly certain it will contain some of the following characters and themes present in many a gay-straight relationship.

  1. At least one single female who depends on her gay best friend to constantly boost her self-esteem
  2. At least one gay man who moonlights as a drama queen and, in exchange for boosting the self-esteem of said friend, finds someone who will listen to all of his drama and cackle at everything he says
  3. At least one woman who, during a confessional sequence, reveals that she once had a secret crush on her gay best friend. She now channels her sexual frustration into helping him find dates
  4. Debates over whether using the term “fag hag”—a woman who enjoys the company of gay men—is demeaning and/or inappropriate. A subsequent decision to stop using that word in favor of “fruit fly” or “queer dear”
  5. Several scenes involving dates set up through the Grindr iPhone application
  6. Images of a female best friend upset that her gay best friend has ditched her to go on that Grindr date
  7. Worried parents telling their single daughter that she will never find a husband if she spends her Saturday nights at drag bars
  8. A confessional in which the straight woman expresses happiness that her gay best friend is getting married or civilly partnered (probably before her) but also fear that he will forget about her
  9. If #8 holds true, it’s followed quickly by an offer to surrogate the gay best friend’s baby in a bid to cement their friendship
  10. A friendship that—despite being mildly caustic and prone to sudden arguments—is more transparent, open and loving than many heterosexual marriages

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