Death By Icicle? Falling Ice Causes Record Number of Injuries in St. Petersburg

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Icicles. Getty Images.

First snow causes the Metrodome’s roof to collapse and now more people than ever are being killed by icicles. It’s official. Winter is the worst.

The Telegraph reports that officials in St. Petersburg have released the numbers of people injured or killed this year by falling icicles and the news isn’t good. So far five people have been killed and 150 people have been injured by falling ice.

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The fact that icicles are dangerous shouldn’t come as a surprise–they’re essentially little frozen missiles, usually falling from great heights–but the number of people harmed this year is surprisingly high. In fact, injury rates are the highest on record.

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In the past few weeks alone, a baby and an eight-year-old boy  have been seriously hurt and two other people are in the hospital with injuries.  (via Telegraph)