‘Funeral Protection Zone’ Bill Signed to Safeguard Arizona Services

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Douglas Graham/Roll Call via Getty Images

After a unanimous vote from both chambers of the state legislature, a bill that protects the Arizona victims’ funerals from protesters was signed by Governor Jan Brewer.

The bill was introduced to show support for the families of the Tucson shooting victims.  The bill essentially creates a safe zone for the victims’ funerals, banning protesters from a 300-foot radius of funeral services for an hour before, during and after the ceremony.

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Members of the notoriously hateful Westboro Baptist Church, the group that pickets American soldiers’ funerals with anti-homosexual signs, had already announced that they plan to protest the Arizona funerals. The new bill will make that plan just a bit more challenging.

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After all of the politically-charged fire that has been slung back and forth since Saturday’s shooting, it seems like there are times when Republicans and Democrats can agree, after all. (via AZCentral.com)

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