Chicago Hair Heist Leaves Cops Scratching Heads

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Many burglars adhere to stealing one (or a few) of the three C’s: cash, cars or clothes.

But one Chicago theft is deviating from the norm. It’s the case of who stole human hair from a beauty supply company  – and it’s leaving cops puzzled.

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Police say a “very valuable” amount of hair was taken early Sunday from a shop called Beauty One by burglars, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The culprits pried open a huge steel door that had been secured with two deadbolt locks to get a hold of the hair, authorities say.

No dollar amount for the hair was immediately known, and no explanation was given for why the thieves would swipe it.

“I’ve been to a lot of robberies but never with hair,” a police sergeant said.

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It seems like a hair-raising situation indeed (end of corny hair puns, we promise).

(via Chicago-Sun Times)