Biodegradable Urn Lets You Go Green, Even Six Feet Under

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If you choose to be cremated, your ashes might as well go towards a good cause. The eco-friendly Bios urn now gives you the chance to put your ashes in an urn containing a seed that will one day grow into a tree.

Designed and created by designers Martin Azua and Gerard Moline, and sold by funerary items company, Limbo Disseny, the urn is made out of biodegradable materials: coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose. Your ashes would help the tree grow because they would serve as nutrients; cremated remains are good sources of phosphorus which helps fertilize trees.

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Of course, depending on where the seed is grown, one type or another plant or tree will emerge. Which is a bonus, because you’re able to pick from a variety of trees and plants.

The Bios urn’s creator, naturally, already has his cremation planned. “I would like to be buried in an Bios urn in a forest in the Basque country,” Azua told Discovery News.

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This is stupid.  Buy a paper cup, buy a seed, insert ashes, bury.  Save mulah.


Any biodegradable urn that is fit for ground burial could have seed added to it, including seeds for flowers as well as trees. Having been superheated, cremation ash does have any value as an organic fertilizer beyond the remaining trace minerals. Nevertheless, it is a neat idea. Another option to maximize the likelihood that the tree with thrive and grow would be to mix the ash with rich potting soil, add a sapling from the garden center, and use a product like this with the lid removed: