Biodegradable Urn Lets You Go Green, Even Six Feet Under

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If you choose to be cremated, your ashes might as well go towards a good cause. The eco-friendly Bios urn now gives you the chance to put your ashes in an urn containing a seed that will one day grow into a tree.

Designed and created by designers Martin Azua and Gerard Moline, and sold by funerary items company, Limbo Disseny, the urn is made out of biodegradable materials: coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose. Your ashes would help the tree grow because they would serve as nutrients; cremated remains are good sources of phosphorus which helps fertilize trees.

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Of course, depending on where the seed is grown, one type or another plant or tree will emerge. Which is a bonus, because you’re able to pick from a variety of trees and plants.

The Bios urn’s creator, naturally, already has his cremation planned. “I would like to be buried in an Bios urn in a forest in the Basque country,” Azua told Discovery News.

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