Mother Sues New York City for $900 Trillion

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Chris Ryan / Getty Images

A woman is filing a federal lawsuit against the City of New York for placing her children in foster care three years ago without her consent. Fausat Ogunbayo, 46, is seeking $900 trillion in damages from the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), claiming the city has violated both her and her children’s civil rights, the Staten Island Advance reports.

Ogunbayo contends that her children, now 16 and 13, have suffered from “over three years of terror, horror, grievous harm, time lost, substantial economic hardship and injuries.” The city alleges the boys were taken into custody due to Ogunbayo’s mentally unfit state, for which she refused treatment. The city also claims the Staten Islander endangered her sons by leaving them home alone for long periods of time.

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But according to the Advance, her accusations may have some merit. Earlier this year an appellate court ruled that there was no evidence the children were in danger due to Ogunbayo’s refusal to seek mental treatment. The boys maintained “near-perfect” attendance and good grades at school while under their mother’s care, the ruling said. They also were up to date on health examinations and vaccinations, and were of normal height and weight for their age.

Though the ruling should have reunited Ogunbayo with her sons, they remain under foster care. In filing her petition, Ogunbayo provides written letters from her children stating their desire to return home.

In response, the ACS filed a new petition to keep custody of the boys. According to complaints filed in 2008, Ogunbayo once allegedly complained to a doctor her children’s skin was becoming darker due to radiation, as well as warned their school that the FBI and the Secret Service were watching her sons.

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