George Zimmerman’s Gun: A Popular Choice for Concealed Carry

Little is known about the short time between Trayvon Martin's initial confrontation with George Zimmerman and his death. But the weapon Zimmerman was carrying is typical for the type of self defense he has claimed.

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Wikimedia Commons

A Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm pistol, the same model used by George Zimmerman in the shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

As the controversy surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin continues, relatively little has come out about the weapon in question. Even less is known about how it was used and at what point George Zimmerman decided to fire it.

According to a Orlando Sentinel report on Monday, police said a single shot was fired as Martin pounded on Zimmerman while the two were fighting, and the bullet hit Martin in the chest. According to a police report, Zimmerman said he had shot Martin and was still armed. An officer found his weapon, a black Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm semi-automatic pistol, in a holster placed on his waistband. As Zimmerman was taken for questioning, the gun was taken from him and placed in police evidence. Demonstrators have demanded that Zimmerman’s gun license be revoked, but state statutes prohibit revealing the status of his permit.

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The weapon, manufactured by Cocoa, Fla.-based Kel-Tec CNC, is a well-known device and not uncommon for police and private ownership, according to Tom Gresham, host of Gun Talk, a Sirius XM radio show. “The particular model is a popular one for concealed carry,” he says. “It’s a simple firearm, there is nothing unusual about it. This would be a gun any police officer would carry for personal protection.” A concealed carry permit allows a person to carry a gun or other weapon in a covered manner, either on his person or elsewhere, like in his glove compartment.

It weighs about 12 oz. unloaded, has a five-pound trigger pull and has an automatic hammer block safety, which prevents it from firing when dropped. It is also “double-action only,” which means the trigger must be pulled fully in order to fire. In his ownership of the weapon, Zimmerman is not unlike millions of other licensed gun owners.

But when it comes to exactly why Trayvon Martin was killed, and whether Zimmerman firing the weapon was justified, the case enters a cloudy area. “It seems pretty clear to me that ‘Stand Your Ground’ is irrelevant in this case,” Gresham says. “People call my show and ask all the time, ‘What should I do?’ If you are in fear of your life or great bodily harm, you are in most states justified” in using deadly force.

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“Ask any police officer. What you do is shoot the attacker,” he says. “You have to get the attacker to stop because the next blow could kill you. But I want to emphasize that’s if what we are being told is true. We don’t know everything. All we can work with is what evidence is presented.”

Meanwhile, acting Sanford Police Chief Darren Scott announced an internal investigation into how Zimmerman’s statement to police was leaked to the Sentinel. The same leak also revealed that Martin had been suspended from school for possession of an empty marijuana baggie. His family’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, has said the expulsion is irrelevant to the case.”Whatever Trayvon Martin was suspended for had absolutely no bearing on what happened the night of February 26th,” he said.

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Scott said his department is not currently handling the case. “I can’t pass judgment on anyone right now, so we are going to allow the outcome of this investigation by the state’s attorney’s office.”

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Kel-Tec's are great popular choices.  Maybe after this case these animals will see there are consequences for their actions.  


Best thing to do, don't walk around neighborhoods where you don't live in or belong. 

And if someone follows you thinking you are up to no good, prove them wrong. 

Don't start a fight with them or start slamming their head in just because they think you look suspicious. And if they want to call the police on you, let them. Stay there until the police get there, uh,.. unless you've got something to hide.''

And don't start running off after they call for God's sake! That's also a dead giveaway you are up to no good.


its a SHAME what has become of AMERICA. and the racists laws that governed this nation...when you're considered a suspect/criminal simply becuz someone say that you are and act against you as the alleged suspect simply becuz  jim crow laws say that  anyone with a gun can.


@theodoreduane.diggs Yes racists are a problem.  Lets completely forget the "white ass cracker" comment out of this monkey's mouth.  Maybe he should have thought twice about putting his hands on someone.


@theodoreduane.diggs I read your statement twice, and still could not understand your comment. The grammar is terrible. I get the feeling, however, that you believe Jim Crow wrote the Second Amendment, and not segregation laws, which have since been eliminated. You said "governed" instead of "govern," but seem to imply that "racist laws" are still in effect. Jim Crow did not pass any law that said "anyone" can carry a gun, nor did he advocate the passing of any pro gun law. Jim Crow was prejudice. I do not believe he would have wanted "anyone" to have a gun, because "anyone" would include minorities. Keep in mind that many minorities have lawfully used a firearm to defend themselves. There are instances where minorities have shot and killed truly racist people, and because of the self defense laws, of which you seem to disapprove, the cases did not even go to trail since their lives were threatened by their attackers.


Makes no sense. Always double tap. GZ was stupid and lucky.