WATCH: Guy Drives Tank Through White Castle Drive-Thru

For an encore, he blows up a Jeep.

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What does a fake Russian from the South do before blasting a Jeep stocked with an entire load of watermelons from his World War II-era M5 tank? He drives through White Castle for some chow, much to the delight of his ever-growing YouTube fans.

Kyle Myers, who plays the weapons-crazed Dmitri Potapoff on his YouTube channel FPSRussia, has over 2.3 million subscribers, who log in to watch him fire massively big weapons and blow stuff up. For his latest trick, Myesr drove a tank through a White Castle drive-thru window before heading out to a field to show off the machine’s artillery.

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While Myers has already driven an armored personnel carrier through McDonald’s for fans, on his most recent video he says that this time he wants to try out some White Castle. The burgers must have hit the spot, as he then shows off a handful of available weapons on the tank while destroying a cinder-block wall, a jeep and (for the greatest splatter effect) an entire pile of watermelons.

To cap off his video of destruction, Myers demonstrated how the M5 can run over the Jeep’s lifeless corpse and then explained that his next tank demonstration will go even bigger: he’s upgrading from the M5 to an M18 Hellcat tank. We just wonder where he’ll go for lunch first.

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