James Holmes, Movie Theater Shooting Suspect, Allegedly Posted on Sex Website

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Handout / Reuters

James Holmes, 24, is seen in this undated handout picture released by The University of Colorado on July 20, 2012.

Police are investigating a profile on a sex website that allegedly belongs to James Holmes, the suspect in Friday’s movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo. The profile, posted on AdultFriendFinder.com, features an image of a man who appears to be the shooter, sporting the same bright red hair he wore when he opened fire early Friday, the New York Post reports.

The ad seems to allude to a possible crime with questions like, “Will you visit me in prison?” Under the username “classicjimbo,” the poster said he was looking for a “fling” or “casual sex” with women, couples or groups. He described himself as “a nice guy. Well, as nice enough of a guy who does these sort of shenanigans.”

(PHOTOS: Scenes from Aurora: Aftermath of the Theater Massacre)

TMZ reports that the user created the profile on July 5, and most of the personal details seem to correspond to the same James Holmes currently in custody. One discrepancy, however, is that the profile lists a height of 6′, whereas the FBI says Holmes stands at 6’3″. According to the website, “Holmes” logged in sometime within the past few days.

Law enforcement officials told TMZ they’re investigating whether or not this profile belongs to the same James Holmes who fatally shot 12 people at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises early Friday. Sources at AdultFriendFinder.com, however, said they’ve tracked the user’s IP address back to Aurora, Colo., and have verified that the user’s address and date of birth indicate that “classicjimbo” is indeed James Holmes.

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problem is not the Second Amendment.  The problem is that the Second

Amendment is not enforced.  We no longer expect our "militia" to supply

their own arms.  In that sense, they are a better-ordered group than in

James Madison's time, and the "right" to bear "arms" is obviated.  The other, more serious problem is the word

"arms".  In Madison's times, "arms" were pretty much limited to swords,

muskets and cannon.

In our times, "arms" also includes assault weapons, grenades, tanks,

bazookas, surface-to-air missles, etc...   so, if we are interpreting

the Second Amendment literally and without restriction, citizens are

allowed to possess those "arms" as well.

We need to reshape the contours of the Second Amendment.

Outlawing the NRA would be a good idea too.


  The mega-rich Republithug pastor of the Saddleback mega-Church, mega-fat Rick Warren, took to Twitter on Friday to express his thought about the recent shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater. Warren blamed the shooting on the teaching of evolution in public science classes:  “When students are taught they are no different from animals, they act like it.”

He may have a point: certainly the NRA are teaching our children that, like other predatory animals who kill, sometimes for food and sometimes for sport, that killing is fun.  And our kids are evidently learning that lesson.

Thanks, NRA.  More death and bloodshed that we can lay at your feet.

Charlotte Lipson
Charlotte Lipson

Do American media have amnesia?!  So far I've heard two TV newsmen say that the Aurora massacre is the biggest that has happened in the U.S.  What about Virginia Tech and many more -- listed at wikipedia? --  


Manoah Adams
Manoah Adams

In their defense, I believe they are (1) referring to massacres by an individual, (2) excluding the revolutionary and civil war events, and (3) including the number of wounded as part of the measurement, and (4) excluding bombings.   Of course that's a lot of qualifiers that should have been mentioned.    Either way, thanks for the link to the article - it's worth looking over of its own accord.


Check out the movie Rampage.  This kid seems to have reenacted this movie, down to the outfit he wore.  Maybe there is a connection


This guy looks funny, I like Him :), and religious is hopeless, get done with your bull poop and get on with your lifes, sweet jesus potatoes I laughed when I say this on the news, its only death I got over my fathers death in an instant, people die every day but no one gives a damn, 100's of U.S troops have died in the middle eastern country's and no one really cares its just like if one person dies of some cause but if 12 people die out of about 300,000,000 people care about it so much, gosh america is so dumb.. and yet still I have to stay here for a few more years, ah how I love murder news 


Let me analyze this comment sentence by sentence:

1. Liking a person despite being a serial killer is not a normal human response.

2. Religion is not hopeless in any sense of the word.

3. Laughing at news of twelve deaths is not a normal human response.

4. I'm sorry you had a bad relationship with your dad, but grief is a normal human response.

5. People care about the US troops dying and other means of death, but there's something extra horrific about kids going to watch a movie being killed by a psychopath sixty years before they should die.

6. America isn't "dumb" for showing human empathy.

7. "Ah how I love murder news" = not a normal human response.

I really hope you're just trolling.


Again we are living with another mass killing in the same city however i would bet that there are may people with the same name and with RED hair BUT i believe they have their man  sociopath that he may be

 However i would also bet that 3 out of ten men go to sex sites online So my question is why is this a big deal GET real? Why is this news?

James Watson Pollock
James Watson Pollock

I definitely would agree, but for one thing--his statement on the site, "Will you visit me in prison?". Not a hypothetical 'would you?', implying that he was intent on committing and surviving a felony.




it's only a movie!

Stop and really think about this, which

is worse someone shooting up a movie theater full of people watching

a movie or the people in the theater being under attack thinking that

it's all just a part of the movie? Both realities are truly insane,

sad and sickening.

In 1969 I remember when movie critics

and the public were hailing Sam Peckinpahs' “ The Wild Bunch ”

which is a movie about a gang of fed up cowboys shooting up the old

west because it was becoming too civilized for them as the most

violent movie ever made. Ironic isn't it? and boy, haven't film

makers come a long way in film making since then in pursuit of the

almighty dollar in this country?

I'm certainly not imposing on anyone

that real horror doesn't exist in this world and isn't an inherently

reverent, necessary and spiritually natural consequence of simply

being alive. What pisses me off is that film makers these days are

now in a game of high stakes poker betting chips made from Americans

money to see who can top each other year after year in spectacularly

stupid boring violence. Death like pornography after repeated

exposure and desensitization has shown to be for the lack of a better

word after all is said and done to be just plain boring. So, the film

makers job today in our jaded society which is spilling over the brim

on the internet, in magazines, and on television programs and

commercials and ( damn near everywhere else ) with sex and violence

is to cater to our mind numbing addictive desire to be entertained by

worry free, painless, colorfully beautiful sex, blood and misery.

They produce this utterly idiotic cartoon comic book butchery crap in

all it's glorious CGI 3-D glory for us all to consume like some sort

of an elegant guilt ridden forbidden dessert after our dinner, or

continually dole it out to us in teasing little trailers like a

pusher to an addict, and people wonder why it is digested and shat

out, and vomited like what just happened in Colorado, as well as in

our cities and on our streets every day?

But gee whiz, the producers and film

makers lament it's only a movie for Gods sake! Don't blame us we're

only giving you what you're begging to see and willing to pay good

money for, and you know what they're absolutely right!

Art, like they say is in the eye of the

beholder, and what we as individuals wish to behold at least when it

comes to going to the movies is entirely up to us. When are we going

to regurgitate this poisonous boring junk right back into the

faces of the movie studios and withhold from them our hard earned

dollars that we give to help them shove it down our throats?

What ever happened to movies with

actual intelligently thought out plots and twists and artfully

crafted scenes depicting not only the violence and brutality but the

entire aftermath, circumstances and consequences that surround and

envelope us when we choose that path ? I guess all of that died with

Alfred Hitchcock I guess!

I don't know about you but I'm going to

open up my window now and yell “I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna

take it anymore!”

Michael Fishel Jul 20 2012


James Holmes became a misguided victim of today's political and moral scenario. The Dark Knight leaves the fanciful early days of the superhero genre far behind, and moves into a doom- shrouded, apocalyptic future that seems uncomfortably close to today's headlines. Wall Street  (stock exchanges) and sports (football stadium) are targeted. Current events in politics, society and economy give us a glimpse of the coming of anti- Christ and his control of the world. How are we going to escape? Holmes failed in his attempt and has to face execution.

Compass Rose
Compass Rose

Jesus!!.. Horrible..

Smart but troubled teenager finds meaning in revolution for economic distortion. But why does a kid do that..I think it’s because they’re afraid of women…these girls are responsible for cases of Holmes. we would like, but do not give these girls a kiss. these girls are very shy.. Holmes’s problem ?? Girls and sex

JAMES HOLMES ’’ A secret scientific experiment subjects’’mental control operation. Elimination of the unconscious with hypnosis. The creation of thought in mind. to influence decision-making.

 this study communities to control.  Republicans trying to find a way to get a vote in elections.???

Sodyum pentotal..


jesus..!! the professors who have harmed people’s lives for the experiment.

jesus..!! Republicans who funded research..

we think about ; ” The theory of mentally parallel reality and telepathy. mental canal,mental canal paths , mental-frequency capture.” Is it true I wonder..

holmes the real victim but he is not aware of it.. pathetic situation..


This was totally unecessary to share with the world.


Time will tell if the above sex account actually belongs to James Holmes or whether it’s some astute photo shopping on account of some talented/trangressive reddit users.


Danielle Morse
Danielle Morse

They would have to be located in Aurora, Co. And it was created 15 days before the murders.


gods people!!

Are we going to pour over every detail of this man's actions. He may have on a news website, he may have posted on web-forum, perhaps he may have even posted on whitehouse.gov!!


He may have drank water, or possibly used a razor......OH MY GAWD!

It would be terrible to have something in common with a psychotic killer!

Danielle Morse
Danielle Morse

I don't. Like a lot of Americans, I find criminal psychology interesting. For instance I've read that many criminals cannot form relationships with women (or men if they're gay) and probably have not been in a relationship for very long. Thus it makes sense that Holmes was on this site. 


Horrible, senseless killing, and now already enough for a thesis paper in psychopathology.