Reading While Eating for August 8: The Blues and Ol’ Blue Eyes

Today's links include Ol' Blue Eyes's apartment, which is up for sale, and a video that will make you blue and make you laugh at the same time.

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Tomas Bravo / Reuters

A man walks past a mural of trees in Mexico City, August 6, 2012

A Trippy Idea: Appropriate for the dog days of summer, former Clinton Administration economist Robert Reich says employers could boost the economy by giving their employees extended vacations. (Marketplace / SoundCloud)

Freaky Fossils: Yes, there is actually a fossil out there called Abra Cadabra. Check out these other cool fossil names. (mental_floss)

North Poll: Did you know that a Santa impersonator won a Michigan GOP congressional primary last night? Here’s the background. (Mother Jones)

New York, New York: Start spreading the news: Frank Sinatra’s Manhattan apartment is selling for $7.7 million. (Huffington Post)

Kitsch of the Day: An animatronic hillbilly band will regale (and repulse) passersby. You can find it on eBay. (BuzzFeed)

Seussical: A slideshow of funky advertisements by Dr. Seuss. (Flavorwire)

Google This: Does your office let you customize your desk? Have an envious look at Google’s newly redesigned NYC headquarters. (

Saucy Statements: Papa John’s CEO says Obama’s Affordable Care Act will raise pizza prices. (Mediaite)

Counting Crows: A children’s song about counting devolves into a grim lesson about life’s disappointments. (The Daily What)