Watch: Alabama’s Terrifying Official Shooting Response Video

Maybe you missed this. Maybe you'll wish you had, especially if you're still coming to terms with what happened at Sandy Hook just a few weeks ago.

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Maybe you missed this. Maybe you’ll wish you had, especially if you’re still coming to terms with what happened in Sandy Hook, Conn. just a few weeks ago.

Bear that in mind before proceeding to watch the unsettling how-to-survive-a-shooting video above, crafted by Alabama’s Department of Homeland Security and ominously titled “RUN HIDE FIGHT” — a reference to the steps, in that order, DHS advises you take if you’re ever confronted by a shooter.

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In the video, a buff Vin Diesel lookalike — donning an all-black wardrobe right up to his darkened shades — casually walks into an office building, pulls a shotgun from his backpack and proceeds to calmly shoot people point-blank.

“If you were ever to find yourself in the middle of an active shooter event, your survival may depend on whether or not you have a plan,” says the narrator as the shootings continue and the director cuts to frightened people hearing the shots from other locations. The rest of the video illustrates those three steps, showing people escaping the area, hiding from the shooter and eventually attempting to take him down with improvised weaponry.

It’s a hyper-realistic scenario, especially shocking as the nation struggles to come to grips with last month’s mass shooting in Newtown, Conn. that took the lives of 27 people, including 20 young children. But the video wasn’t made in response to the Dec. 14 elementary school shooting — it was coincidentally published to YouTube by Alabama DHS on Nov. 5. According to Alabama governor spokesperson Jeremy King, the whole thing was originally put together by the Houston Police Department, and the introduction by Alabama DHS director Spencer Collier was added afterward.

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In fact the video without the Alabama intro was originally released in Houston, Texas just three days after the July 20 Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting in which 12 people were killed and 58 wounded. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Aurora’s tragic shooting, along with their friends, family and community,” wrote Houston Mayor Annise Parker at the time. “I can’t imagine the horror and grief. If it is at all possible for any good to come out of it, perhaps it can be letting people know the options to consider if it happens again.”


Reminds me of the "crouch under the desk and kiss your butt goodbye" exercises of the 1950's schoolroom.

Remember that the most potent "weapon" in the workplace is that fire extinguisher.  If CO2, it comes out freezing cold.  If dry chemical, it
blinds and suffocates.  Up close to a person's face, it might just kill him.  If he's still moving after you discharge it at him, THEN break his
skull with the empty cylinder!


Very similar to videos at mine a several other local schools. Very well done. 

dlee4 1 Like

This is a great vedio. Important Points. Always carry so you can be prepared and be ready. Bunker down with a solid concrete wall to your back, block the door, position in a corner with good view. Focus on solid building and the position of the threat.  Stay put do not run. Fire only when there is a clear shot. Stay put. Reholster your weapon when police arrive. They will shoot anyone walking around with a gun.  This person weapon only had 8 rounds or shots available. The odds are greatly in your favor with just a little preparation.


It is good to have some guidance.  Hopefully no one will ever have to use these techniques but it is good to have a reference point for some good ideas at minimum. 

 Tthe "Stay Calm" advice may be a bit hard to comply with, but it seems far better than to panic.   Wonder whether the flash on a cell phone camera could be put to use?


@Whatanotion Flash? If you mean "put to use" as in a "jump out and pop it in his face, last-ditch defense tactic" It's a bad idea, it's a phone, not a Star Trek phaser. It's not going to incapacitate him and you will instantly draw fire. You'd be better off trying to smack him with a chair or some other improvised weapon. If the shooter is firing at targets of opportunity, you will definitely stick out of the crowd. It would be a better idea to get low, and move away from the sound of gunfire, get out of sight, get around a corner. Make yourself unseen. Get to a safe place and use the phone to call 911.