Are Crop Circles More Than Just Modern Pranks?

That's what one theorist claims, after studying images from 1945

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A Tasmanian historian used Google Earth images to argue that crop circles, which are often dismissed as jokes taken too far, are not simply a modern hoax, according to the Huffington Post.

Many were persuaded that the intriguing circles were nothing more than pranks when two British men, David Chorley and Doug Bower, revealed in 1991 that they, under the cover of darkness and armed with wooden planks and barrels, had been creating circles across the wheat fields of southern England since 1978.

The two “ jovial con men in their 60s,” as described by a local newspaper at the time of the revelation, demonstrated in front of groups of journalists how they trampled out the patterns that were often attributed to aliens, reported the New York Times.

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But historian Greg Jefferys, who has a degree in archaeology, says he has new evidence that not all crop circles have a human origin.

After spending more than 300 hours examining aerial photographs from Google Earth’s new 1945 overlay, Jefferys concludes that a number of crop circles has been appearing consistently each summer for at least 33 years before Chorley and Bower began their work.

The overlay, according to the Huffington Post, is a series of images taken toward the end of World War II and covers about 35 percent of England, excluding the Wiltshire area, a crop-circle hotspot that has attracted numerous tourists.

The new findings, together with reports of crop circles in English countryside dating back as far back as 300 years, mean that the phenomenon is still unexplained and may represent a new field of science, Jefferys argued to the Huffington Post.

He also said that he believed a rare form of electromagnetic energy called an ionized plasma vortex, or ball lightning, is involved in the creation of the circles.

Jefferys acknowledges that there are flaws on the 1945 images that might be mistaken as crop circles. But he said he had eliminated those after thorough inspection and selected a final 13 that meet his strict criteria. He said he is preparing to continue his study on the mysterious circles as a PhD in the University of Tasmania.

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People, is it possible that you do not get it?!

They are doing that from the SATELLITES!

And making all of us fools!

There are so many well educated and smarth people here, and you still did not come to the clue!


I created the crop circles. I have been for decades, centuries. I am the Intelligent Designer you all wonder about. But, I don'r remember making you. Who are you any ways? And, what are you doing on my planet?


The contemporary concepts are materialistic and no one could imagine something else. But, the Crop circles creators do not care about.


Fancy meeting Andy Russell here. He goes around the Net debunking anyone who thinks there's a mystery about crop circles.

That said, if you've gone this far and read even some of the astonishing analysis on, have a look at this: It was SETI's response to that Arecibo/Chilbolton crop circle. It made me see stars.

Don't you wonder why Andy and a few others police the Net to stamp out crop circles? Mystery is so good for us. It keeps us wondering. Since the world isn't so hunky dory, it's really good to keep looking for how it might be.


Internet based research is misleading at best. The areas where these 'circles' appear are riddled with old earthworks which is what is being picked up in the images. In fact there is an extensive list of what earthworks are in the area mentioned, at no point has this guy even tried to rule out the obvious. See this page for the background to these images, also there were many field markings during this time period as uncovered by MI5 who feared these markings were part of a 'fifth column' movement... Has PhD research gotten this bad? Was this week a particularly slow news week for Time to run such nonsense? Anyway, the truth behind the story here


"He also said that he believed a rare form of electromagnetic energy called an ionized plasma vortex, or ball lightning, is involved in the creation of the circles."  Aaaand what is saying this to us? hm? That it can NOT be a coincidence. A little cute shiny ball of light is doing very complicated, mathematical forms, some even in 3D. please read this to understand more:



I am a Chemical Engineer and I believe that many crop circles are trying to teach us what dark energy/dark matter is.  I believe I have figured out that many circles are warning us of solar flares/CMEs, hurricanes and seismic events.  They warned us of Hurricane Sandy three months before, just after a CME struck Earth and created large sinkholes in the Erie Canal area.  They also warned us of Hurricane Isaac and the large Bayou Corne Sinkhole it struck.  Hurricanes are triggered by dark matter particles orbiting around and thru the Earth and up thru the center of hurricanes.  They create low pressure systems in the atmosphere and sinkholes/seismic activity in the Earth.  Crop Cirles are created by intelligent particle physicists, I have no idea where they are from. My research is on my blog @


Excellent! Finally someone brings up these crop circles. Look at some of these designs. Only visible from space, and perfect geometry. Somehow appearing overnight. There was a study by some college students, and it took them two weeks to build a decent size crop circle, and there were minor flaws in the geometry of course. Disclosure is coming my friends. 


Well, this one seems to have brought the cukoo birds out of their winter hibernation! Good grief.

mrbomb13 1 Like

MEMO TO TIME MAGAZINE EDITORIAL STAFF:  Check your sources before publishing articles!, Mr. Wang, you've published an article which describes a Ph.D candidate's study on The Origin of Crop Circles.  In that study, the candidate (Greg Jefferys) claims that the circles are not of human origin, which would imply some kind of alien cause (not Marvin the Martian).

Yet, as you noted, Mr. Wang - the study has not yet been reviewed, accepted, and published.  In fact, the study itself is not even finished.  Jefferys indicated that he would continue to work on it during his Ph.D. studies.

So, Mr. Wang, what you have done is base your entire article off a study that may or may not be a scholarly source (i.e. peer reviewed and published).  In fact, you have interviewed someone (Jefferys) who may not even be a legitimate (peer reviewed) expert in the field of crop circle origins.

Given the above, I must judge this article to be nothing more than a media 'puff piece,' that's rife with unsubstantiated speculation.  Had this piece been submitted for publication even 10 years ago, it would have never made it into the print version.  


@mrbomb13 Nice going genius! Of course it's a puff piece, lighten the hell up! It's just a fun question mark. By the way, no one is implying aliens - it says right in the article that he suspects it's caused by a form of ball lightning.


@bassius @mrbomb13 

Excuse me, but last time I checked, TIME Magazine was considered a widely-recognized, prestigious news source.  As such, "powder-puff" journalism (i.e. guessing at crop circles) does not deserve to fill its pages - whether in print or online form.

Furthermore, it appears that (in your frustration) you did not read my comment carefully enough.  When I mentioned an "alien cause," I immediately put in parenthesis that I was not referring to an actual alien (i.e. Marvin the Martian).  An alien cause simply means, "a cause which is foreign or unknown to our understanding."

Additionally, I recognized that Jefferys "believed" the cause had to do with ball lightning.  However, again, he had no way of proving that cause.  Additionally, no justification was given for his hypothesis by Jefferys or the author.  

If that's the standard of professional journalism, than TIME should start hiring teenagers to write its articles.  As a teacher, I know several who would certainly be qualified (and a few more so) than Yue Wang.


@mrbomb13 @bassius Yes, it's such a terrible shame that the media has been reduced to this. TIME referencing an article from the Huffington Post to give their readers something a little light hearted. What is the world coming to. Lucky there are people still ready and willing to show their indignation and provide advice about what the should and shouldn't publish. Bravo!

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