Hitler’s Toilet Resides in a N.J. Auto-Repair Shop

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Hitler’s yacht, the Aviso Grille.

As dinner-party conversation goes, owning Adolf Hitler’s toilet is hardly a bad place to start.

An accidental antiques collector took possession of the dictator’s porcelain privy when he purchased an auto-repair shop in Florence, N.J., almost two decades ago, reports Tablet magazine.

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The toilet was originally installed on Hitler’s yacht, the 400-500ft Aviso Grille, which was also the very place where Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz first announced the Führer’s death on May 1, 1945.

“[Hitler] wanted to ride it down the Thames in London and go live in Windsor Palace when he invaded,” the latrine’s owner, Greg Kohfeldt, told Tablet. The ship boasted a crew of 245 and a private room for Eva Braun; it was one of the largest private vessels in the world at the time.

Although some may question the commode’s authenticity, plenty of evidence points to this being the real deal. A sink from the same ship bears the maker’s stamps and faucets in the “Blackletter” font favored by the regime.

Hitler memorabilia has long been a popular draw with collectors. His reading glasses were listed at auction for around $8,000 in October 2011, while his cigarette holder had a starting price of $15,000. Personalized bed linens belonging to the dictator, emblazoned with an eagle perched on a swastika inside a circle, were auctioned in the U.K. city of Bristol with an asking price of $4,700.

But the most expensive Hitler memorabilia ever sold was his Mercedes, which was purchased by a Russian billionaire in 2008 for $8 million. His 1939 Auto-union D-type race car was expected to fetch $15 million, but had to be withdrawn from auction due to improper information about its history.)

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Hitler's cigarette holder? Hitler was notoriously anti-smoking.


Didn't Obama's buddy George Soros spend some time living in Hitler's toilet?....he eventually managed to crawl out of it as I hear the story

reasonableguy2 like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

Hitler's toilet seems to have been in that auto repair shop for a long time.  If they couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, did they ever check to see if it was just out of gas?


Quoting the article, "Hitler wanted to ride it down the Thames in London..."
He would have looked pretty damned silly riding a toilet down the Thames.

Ambiguity is the best comedy.